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Economic Development

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Economic Development


Specific types of incentives we have negotiated and/or assisted with include:

  • Article 3J Tax Credits
  • Capital Credits
  • Closing Fund Grants
  • Fees / Payments in Lieu of Property Tax
  • Corporate Headquarters Credits (International, National, Regional)
  • Industrial Revenue Bonds
  • Infrastructure Credits and Grants
  • Job Development Investment Grants
  • Job Development Credits
  • Job Tax Credits
  • Multi-County Park Agreements
  • Recycling Property Grants
  • Recycling Tax Credits
  • Research & Development Tax Credits
  • Rural Infrastructure Grants
  • Sales and Use Tax / Privilege Tax Reductions, Abatements and /or Exemptions
  • Set-Aside Fund Grants
  • Rural Infrastructure Fund Grants
  • Tax Increment Financing
  • Tax Planning / Structuring
  • Utility Infrastructure Grants
  • Utility Rate Credits and Reductions
  • Workforce Training Grants



Regional Headquarters Relocation: South Carolina

Negotiated Job Development Credits, Job Tax Credits, fee-in-lieu of ad valorem tax agreement, Special Source Revenue Credits, readySC workforce training incentives, and an infrastructure grant to bring 3,000 proposed regional headquarter facility jobs to South Carolina.

Nuclear Energy Generating Facility: South Carolina

Drafted successful South Carolina legislation and testified before the S.C. Senate Finance committee to expand deadlines to allow fee-in-lieu of ad valorem tax incentives; negotiated Job Development Credits. 

Cable Manufacturing Facility: South Carolina

Negotiated land purchase agreement, grant agreement, and fee-in-lieu of ad valorem tax agreement with infrastructure credits.

North American Headquarters Relocation: North Carolina

Negotiated Job Development Investment Grants, Business Investment Grants, One North Carolina Fund Grants, Workforce Training Grants, utility grants, and office space leases to bring over 900 headquarter facility jobs to Charlotte; assist with incentive compliance.

Home Appliance Manufacturing Facility: Tennessee

Negotiated Memorandum of Understanding, State Tax Agreement, payment-in-lieu of ad valorem tax agreements, Tennessee Valley Authority Grants, Industrial Development Board Grant, training grants, and land acquisition.

Steel Manufacturing Facilities: North Carolina and South Carolina

Drafted North Carolina and South Carolina legislation to provide specific incentives for steel facilities; facilitate annual DENR property tax certification for solid waste recycling property.

Two-Phase Data Center and Office Facility: North Carolina

Negotiated agreements for infrastructure grants, local development grants, One North Carolina Fund Grants, and Job Development Investment Grants.

Iron Manufacturing Facility: Louisiana

Negotiated Cooperative Endeavor Agreement to include Quality Jobs credits, payment-in-lieu of ad valorem taxes supported by bonds, Performance Based Grant, Go Zone Bonds, sales and use tax rebates, and Investment Tax Credits.