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Heslin Presents at EUCI Conference

May 5, 2014

Charlotte Energy Member Brian Heslin presented at EUCI's "Coordinating the Gas and Electric Power Interface" conference on May 5-6 in Charlotte, NC. Heslin presented along with Greg Peters, President of EnVision Energy Solutions, on "Natural Gas/Power Interconnection and Coordination Landscape." Topics included:

  • Recent developments in gas and electric technology
  • Public sentiment for lower emitting generation sources
  • Improving fuel economics
  • Regulatory distinctions and responses
  • Infrastructure distinctions and responses
  • Storage
  • Power system reliability/resource adequacy
  • Operational flexibility considerations
  • Fuel planning and contracting divergence
  • Scheduling and dispatch variations
  • Communications issues
  • Market clearing challenges
  • Integrated resource planning strategies
  • Geographic distinctions and variations

This conference was designed to serve as a forum to consolidate the "wisdom" gleaned from the regional and national initiatives underway to identify and resolve these natural gas and electric coordination issues.