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Live Streaming: The Privacy Concerns of Behind-the-Scenes Access

Leslie Pedernales
MVA Data Points
January 2017

A professional football team clinches their playoff spot in an upset game, then hits the locker room for a celebration and an inspirational pep talk from their winning coach.  The perfect application for livestreaming, one might think.  Opening a window into this mysterious world for all the rest of us to see and experience.  Not so fast.

After the Pittsburgh Steelers upset the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC playoff game on January 15, Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown invited the world into the Steelers’ locker room to join in the celebration through Facebook Live.  And the world loved it.  Nearly 900,000 viewers watched the 17 minutes of real-time revelry before it was deleted a few hours later.  The fans ate it up – the NFL, however, wasn’t so thrilled.

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