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We wanted to share with you a video created by our White Collar, Regulatory Defense, and Investigations and Financial Regulatory Advice & Response teams and shared with their clients. It addresses important issues on our civic engagement over the past several months and discusses our transition to a work-from-home environment. We hope you enjoy seeing some familiar faces.

Brian joined the firm’s Litigation team in 2004 from the U.S. Department of Justice. He left the firm in 2018 to join Duke Energy Corporation where he serves as Deputy General Counsel.


Jason Idilbi

Q: What are three keys to your professional success?

A: Without a doubt, nurturing strong and positive connections with people—my colleagues and others in the legal and business community—ranks at the top. I say “nurturing” intentionally; building and maintaining these relationships takes focus and effort but also bears the greatest personal and professional rewards. My team will tell you that I’m always saying that there are plenty of talented attorneys who have the training and substantive experience to perform our jobs well. But these ...

As many of you know, Greg Murphy served as Chair of our Litigation Practice Group from 2002-2010 and served on the Firm's Management Committee from 2000-2010. Greg left the firm to become the first General Counsel at Nucor Corporation and he has been kind enough to take some time away to share his perspective on professional success, best practices, and relationship building.

One of the features of MVAToday will be updates from our alumni. We have a diverse network of talented individuals that have been a part of our firm. We think allowing them to share their stories and advice will be a great resource and help our alumni make connections that may help them in their current position or in a later stage of their career.

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