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MVA to host Domestic Violence Pro Bono Training

February 22, 2012

Program information is listed below.  Please contact Jenny Hudson for more information.


I.                   Introduction 

II.                Preparing for a DVPO Hearing- Shailika Shah 

III.            The Domestic Violence Courtroom- Laura Lawrence 

IV.            Plaintiff’s Case-in-Chief- Mindy Vervais

a.      Direct Examination of Plaintiff- Ms. Vervais 

b.    Cross Examination of Plaintiff- Ms. Clay 

c.    Direct Examination of Police Officer- Ms. Vervais 

d.    Cross Examination of Police Officer- Ms. Clay 

V.               Defendant’s Case-in-Chief- Ms. Clay

a.      Direct Examination of Defendant- Ms. Clay 

b.    Cross Examination of Defendant- Ms. Vervais 

VI.            Plaintiff’s Closing Statement- Ms. Vervais

VII.        Defendant’s Closing Statement- Ms. Clay 

VIII.      Verdict by Judge 

IX.             Question and Answer by panel