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Privacy & Data Security Seminar Series 2016

March 2016

Privacy and data security issues impact every industry and affect almost all aspects of a company’s operations. Sales, human resources, data maintenance and storage, IT, legal and compliance, even litigation, all require careful attention to protecting the privacy of personal information as well as preserving the integrity of company, customer or third party data. Moore & Van Allen developed this seminar series to help our clients and friends of the firm navigate the legal and the practical challenges businesses face from rapidly evolving laws and even more rapidly evolving technology in these areas.


Responding to a Data Breach:  What to Expect and What to Avoid
Wednesday, April 20
Speakers:  Ben Fryer

Verizon, Experian, and T-Mobile are on a growing list of entities impacted by major data breaches in the past year.  But data breaches are not just limited to large national companies or organizations. No one is immune. For most organizations—big or small—the question is not “if” they will be impacted by a data breach, but “when.”

This seminar will help attendees gain a better understanding of what to do in the aftermath of a data breach, analyzing such questions as:

  • What should I expect after a breach occurs?
  • What are the best first steps to take to mitigate further loss of information?
  • What are the general reporting obligations to regulators, federal and state?
  • Do I need to notify my clients/customers, and if so, how and when?
  • What can I do to prevent the next breach?

The Nuts and Bolts of Data Security Programs: How to Put One Together for Your Company
June 2016
Speakers:  Ben Fryer and Todd Taylor

Contracting for the Cloud
October 27
Speaker:  Marcus Lee


Privacy and Data Breach:  What Can Companies Expect in 2016?
Wednesday, March 16
Speakers:  Karin McGinnis & Todd Taylor

2016 promises to bring significant developments and challenges in information privacy and data security. Congress and state legislatures are continuing to focus on new laws to protect personal information while at the same time minimize the impact of cybersecurity threats. The Federal Trade Commission has made clear that it will continue to be a watchdog for privacy and data security violations affecting consumers, while at the same time the National Labor Relations Board is making it harder for companies to thread the needle between protecting information without infringing on the right of employees to engage in concerted activity. Internationally, companies seeking to transfer data from the EU to the US are trying to figure out the difference between a Privacy Shield and a Safe Harbor and determine whether other means of transferring data are better. This seminar will provide attendees with an update on these issues and guidance on how to better prepare for the changes and challenges coming in 2016.

To RSVP for any of the upcoming seminars, please contact Melissa Weir.

**CLE and HR credit pending. Generic certificates of attendance can be issued as needed for other continuing education requirements.