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Karin McGinnis will serve as panelist for WSJ Pro Cybersecurity Symposium

March 2020

Charlotte Privacy & Data Security Member Karin McGinnis will serve as a panelist for the WSJ Pro Cybersecurity Symposium which will take place March 9 in Charlotte, NC. The WSJ Pro Cybersecurity Symposium will highlight presentations and panels moderated by Wall Street Journal editors and journalists in which experts in cybersecurity and business will share their insights and experiences on how to start understanding your cyber risk, what to do if you’re hacked, where to find cost-effective cybersecurity, how to give large-company partners confidence in your cybersecurity, and more.

McGinnis will join the panel, “Which Regulations to Worry About,” discussing how to gauge what laws and regulations apply to your type of business, what steps to take to take account of new state laws and to stay compliant with federal or international laws.

For additional information or to register for this event, please click here.