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Cabell Clay serves as moderator for AIJA’s Labour Law Commission Day

October 2020

MVA Litigation Member Cabell Clay served as a moderator for the virtual panel titled, “COVID-19 – Health Concerns and Privacy Issues” during the AIJA’s Labour Law Commission Day which took place on October 26. The panel consisted of speakers from Switzerland, UK and the Netherlands where Cabell offered a US perspective on the related health concerns and privacy issues.

Considering the employer’s general obligation to protect employees’ health and safety at work, a lot of practical questions have been raised as to how the employer can or should do so during the current pandemic. During this session, attendees explored the effects of COVID-19 from a health and data privacy perspective and evaluated when employers can share personal health data of (one of their) employees to protect other employees and what the employer should be aware of when collecting health data from its employees and sharing such data.