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Federal Trade Commission PrivacyCon 2016 Recap: Insights into the FTC’s Perspective on Privacy and Data Security
Karin McGinnis
January 2016

Efforts to Fix Data Security Flaws Carry Weight With FTC
Karin McGinnis and Leslie Pedernales
February 2015, National Law Journal

Does your company have insurance coverage for a data breach?
Sumner & Firestone publish data breach litigation article
Lesley A. Firestone
December 2014, InsideCounsel

Sumner and Firestone were published by InsideCounsel on December 3.

Cybersecurity Special Report: Trade Commission Takes Hard Line on Data Security
Judge agrees that absence of adequate safeguards can represent an unfair trade practice.
Karin McGinnis & Todd Taylor
November 2014, National Law Journal

Karin McGinnis and Todd Taylor were published in National Law Journal on November 24.

The consumer may not be your worst enemy in the case of a data breach
Sumner & Gaskins publish data breach litigation article
Brandon Gaskins
November 2014, InsideCounsel

Robert Sumner and Brandon Gaskins authored a data security article published in InsideCounsel on November 3.

The typical data breach lawsuit and how to protect your company
Sumner & Vervais publish data breach litigation article
October 2014, InsideCounsel

Robert Sumner and Mindy Vervais were published by InsideCounsel in October. The article is first in a three-piece data breach series.

Privacy & Data Security Update: Supreme Court Rules that Warrants are Required for Cell Phone Searches
Karin M. McGinnis, Todd C. Taylor
June 27, 2014

On June 25th, the Supreme Court brought the Fourth Amendment into the digital age with its ruling in Riley v. California.

Sumner & Firestone Published by SCDTAA
Robert Sumner and Lesley Firestone
May 2014, The DefenseLine

Litigation attorneys Robert Sumner and Lesley Firestone were published in the Spring 2014 issue of The DefenseLine.

Social Media - Love it or leave it?
Charlotte Privacy & Data Security Member published in 2014 Law Journal
Karin McGinnis
May 2014, Business North Carolina

Member Karin McGinnis published social media insight for businesses in Business NC's 2014 Law Journal.

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