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The Necessity of Evaluating Vapor Intrusion Risks during Environmental Due Diligence
Elizabeth A. Dieck, Lesley A. Firestone, and Trapper Freeman
February 2019, Association of Corporate Counsel

Vapor intrusion has emerged as an important legal, scientific, and policy issue over the last decade. With this issue’s growing importance, it is prudent for persons acquiring, leasing, or developing property to include an assessment of vapor intrusion risks into their environmental due diligence process and properly address any identified vapor condition. Property owners may face significant repercussions for the failure to identify the presence of and mitigate environmental and health risks associated with vapor intrusion. In addition to the loss of certain liability protections, landowners of contaminated properties will see a decline in property value along with a diminished use of the property. The cost of retaining knowledgeable professionals, such as an environmental lawyer and consultant, to conduct a vapor intrusion analysis during the due diligence period is a slight price to pay when considering the decreased property value and potential liability under state and federal statutes.

Environmental Due Diligence in Commercial Real Estate Transactions
Robert Kerr and Lesley Firestone
February 2018, Association of Corporate Counsel South Carolina Chapter Newsletter

All commercial real estate transactions involve some level of environmental risk, regardless of whether the property being transferred was formerly used for industrial, commercial, agricultural, or residential purposes. Accordingly, it is important for a buyer to consider conducting some level of environmental due diligence prior to purchasing real property. Environmental due diligence will allow the buyer to identify and quantify the environmental issues associated with the property.

McGrath's Second Article Published on Corporate Compliance
Peter J. McGrath, Jr.
October 2015

McGrath Published in Corporate Compliance
Peter J. McGrath, Jr.
September 17, 2015, Corporate Compliance

All Politics is Local: Varying Responses To Regulation of Hydraulic Fracturing
Peter McGrath
March 18, 2015, WestLaw Journal Environmental

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