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How to Achieve the Mandate of Proportionality Through Phased Discovery
May 2018, ABA Section of Litigation Trial Practice’s Summer

Charleston Litigation Member Robert Sumner and Associate Chuck Scarminach were recently published in the ABA Section of Litigation Trial Practice’s Summer Publication. The article titled, "When Do You Need an English Translator in Civil Depositions?", discusses how to determine when you should use a translator.

The U.S. Supreme Court Limits Sanctions to Compensation, Not Punishment
Neil Bloomfield
July 2017

Sumner and Braccia’s article published by ABA, Litigation Section, Trial Practice Committee
Jennifer E. Braccia
April 2016

Gwaltney and Watkins Published in The SRR Journal
May 2015, SRR Journal

Larry Gwaltney and Jonathan Watkins were featured as guest authors in the Spring 2015 edition of The SRR Journal.

Applications like WhatsApp are reshaping government investigations and should be refocusing how compliance departments handle employee oversight
White Collar, Regulatory Defense, and Investigations Client Update
Neil T. Bloomfield
April 2015, Law360

Does your company have insurance coverage for a data breach?
Sumner & Firestone publish data breach litigation article
Lesley A. Firestone
December 2014, InsideCounsel

Sumner and Firestone were published by InsideCounsel on December 3.

The consumer may not be your worst enemy in the case of a data breach
Sumner & Gaskins publish data breach litigation article
Brandon Gaskins
November 2014, InsideCounsel

Robert Sumner and Brandon Gaskins authored a data security article published in InsideCounsel on November 3.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month – A Time for More than Just Awareness
Mindy Vervais
October 27, 2014, North Carolina Lawyers Weekly

North Carolina Lawyers Weekly published Mindy Vervais' call to action piece in recognition of Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

The typical data breach lawsuit and how to protect your company
Sumner & Vervais publish data breach litigation article
October 2014, InsideCounsel

Robert Sumner and Mindy Vervais were published by InsideCounsel in October. The article is first in a three-piece data breach series.

Behind the Veil and the Blurred Distinctions of Entity Liability
Three Charleston Attorneys Published by ACC
Robert Kerr, Chris Ogiba, Trey Robinson
August 2014, Association of Corporate Counsel South Carolina Chapter Summer Newsletter

Three Charleston attorneys were published in the ACC South Carolina Chapter's Summer 2014 newsletter.

Sumner Published in ABA Litigation Reference Book
August 2014, Trying Your First Case— A Practitioner’s Guide

Member Robert Sumner was published in the ABA litigation reference book "Trying Your First Case."

Miller & Clay Publish "A New Litigator’s Guide"
Article a top-read piece of "Expert Analyses"
July 2014, Law360

Renee Miller and Cabell Clay published a piece for new litigators in Law360.

Schools, Bloomfield Author Article for NCBA Newsletter
June 2014

Litigation Members Scott Schools and Neil Bloomfield have co-written "Compliance Plans: The Ounce of Prevention that Avoids the Pound of Cure."

Sumner & Firestone Published by SCDTAA
Robert Sumner and Lesley Firestone
May 2014, The DefenseLine

Litigation attorneys Robert Sumner and Lesley Firestone were published in the Spring 2014 issue of The DefenseLine.

Social Media - Love it or leave it?
Charlotte Privacy & Data Security Member published in 2014 Law Journal
Karin McGinnis
May 2014, Business North Carolina

Member Karin McGinnis published social media insight for businesses in Business NC's 2014 Law Journal.

DOJ Confirms, Once Again, That Compliance Plans Really Do Matter
Scott Schools
March 2014,

Litigation Member and Contributor Scott Schools published his first column on March 31.

Civil Litigators’ Insights from the District Attorney’s Office
Renee Miller & Cabell Clay
November 2013, North Carolina Lawyer

Renee Miller and Cabell Clay authored an article that was published in the November 2013 issue of North Carolina Lawyer.

Work with Your State Attorney General to Avoid Enforcement Actions
Vervais and McDowell Featured in American Banker
Valecia M. McDowell
September 24, 2012

Work with Your State Attorney General to Avoid Enforcement Actions
McDowell and Vervais have co-authored an article for American Banker
Valecia M. McDowell
September 24, 2012, American Banker

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