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McGinnis quoted in TechTarget

April 2019

Charlotte Privacy & Data Security Member Karin McGinnis was quoted in the TechTarget article, “Data breach legislation proposes jail time for CIO, HR execs” which was published April 8. The article discusses how data breaches caused by negligence may lead to jail time for corporate executives under legislation introduced last week by U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren.

McGinnis is quoted, “The proposed law uses the definition of executive officer from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, which would cover the CEO and most likely cover the chief compliance officer. But the data breach legislation might also include certain non-officers who oversee a division, a vice president of HR, as well as people with policy-making authority.”

McGinnis doesn't believe that someone such as a regional HR manager could be exposed to liability. Instead, she believes a law such as this could have a "negative impact" on "qualified individuals wanting to be CIO or CTO or CEO of a company because of the risk" of criminal liability.

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