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Karin McGinnis profiled in North Carolina Lawyer

May 2019

As the North Carolina Bar Association prepared to celebrate and explore wellness at its Annual Meeting in June, the editors of North Carolina Lawyer magazine offered a few examples of NCBA members who are excelling at living healthy lives. Charlotte Privacy & Data Security Member Karin McGinnis was one of the few NCBA members to be featured. The focus on her outstanding strengths in one area was included in hopes of providing insights for those seeking a path to wellness themselves.


Karin McGinnis is a successful attorney, wife and mother of four, yet she has never fully grasped the concept of work-life balance.       

“Even when I was on the Lawyer Effectiveness and Quality of Life Committee,” McGinnis said, “I never quite understood ‘work-life balance.’

“My work is a part of my life, a component of it, just like my kids. A lot of people are like that. I never really split it up.”

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