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Data Points Update: The Washington Privacy Act

February 2020

Charlotte Privacy & Data Security Counsel Leslie Pedernales’ Data Points blog article titled, “Update: The Washington Privacy Act” was published on February 18.

The article

Senate Bill 6281, the Washington Privacy Act, passed out of the Senate on February 14 and moved to the House of Representatives where it is expected to run up against some skepticism and questions.

The bill was drafted to help bring Washington state more in line with California’s and the EU’s data privacy regulation efforts, in the absence of comprehensive privacy regulation at the federal level.  The Act places requirements on companies to notify consumers when their data is being used and provides an avenue for those consumers to correct inaccurate data and delete personal information under certain circumstances.  The state’s Attorney General’s Office would be designated as the sole authority to enforce violations, each of which could amount to a civil penalty of up to $7,500. The fines from these penalties would help fund the existing Washington state Office of Privacy and Data Protection.

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