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Pedernales Discusses Verizon Privacy Fixes

November 2014

Charlotte Public Affairs Associate Leslie Pedernales was quoted in Law360 on November 26.  The article, “Verizon Privacy Fixes Show How to Avoid the FTC’s Wrath,” discusses the Federal Trade Commission’s decision to drop its probe into Verizon’s alleged failure to adequately secure routers it provided to customers.  The decision is significant because it provides other companies with a “blueprint for how to avoid sweeping consent decrees that could put their privacy practices under the agency’s microscope for decades.”

It seems like one of the main ideas of the closing letter is that while in the past it might have been a one-and-done situation where a company set up a system and didn't look back, the FTC is now saying that data and privacy security is an ongoing process and it's up to companies to be proactive about staying on top of new technology," Pedernales stated.