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Wage & Hour Compliance & Litigation

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Moore & Van Allen’s Employment and Labor Attorneys advise clients with regard to all aspects of employee pay issues, including properly classifying employees as exempt or non-exempt from Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) overtime rules; ensuring that relationships with independent contractors are not more likely to be determined to be employment relationships; and determining appropriate pay periods, compensable employee time, allowable withholdings, appropriate pay and the time to make payment upon termination, and whether and when pay will be required for unused vacation and sick days.  Our attorneys also advise on when it may be appropriate to use a Department of Labor-approved pay plan for non-exempt employees, and how overtime should be calculated under such a plan.

Our attorneys litigate cases nationwide concerning wage and hour issues, both those issues governed by state law and those governed by federal law, and we are experienced in defending FLSA “collective action” cases.  Our attorneys also assist clients when the Department of Labor investigates their pay practices. 


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