We have a group of attorneys, technologists, and paralegals dedicated exclusively to discovery. Our Discovery group has years of experience on a variety of matters from the complex, global investigations to more straightforward, but challenging state court litigation.

Our approach is to partner our technological capabilities with our legal experience to design an efficient and effective discovery strategy for all matters. Using data analytics we can eliminate substantial portions of collections from attorney review. We use our experience to tailor the process so that documents central to the case are isolated quickly and consequently, when needed, case strategy decisions can be made early on.

In addition to handling complex disputes, we also serve in an advisory capacity on all aspects of discovery from preservation and collection to review and production. We also can serve as discovery counsel when you have retained another firm to address the merits of the case.

We are team players. We regularly work with in-house counsel, discovery vendors, and other law firms to maximize results for our clients.


  • We have served as lead counsel for a Fortune 25 financial services firm in a global investigation into financial reference rates. As part of this representation, we have worked with an outside discovery vendor to review millions of documents and coordinate productions in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.
  • We have served as lead counsel for a Fortune 25 and a Fortune Global 500 financial services firm in a global investigation of foreign exchange trading. As part of these representations, we have managed the review of millions of documents and coordinated productions for regulators on five continents.
  • We have a group of discovery lawyers with years of experience on a wide variety of matters. We can quickly scale to meet client needs with review teams of five to fifty lawyers (or more).  
  • We regularly consult on a wide variety of discovery related topics such as preservation requirements, litigation holds, and collection protocols.

Technological Capabilities

  • Moore & Van Allen has invested in state-of-the-art technology tools so our clients do not have to. Our attorneys and technologists work collaboratively to effectively leverage each tool to maximize the benefit to our clients.
  • We have onsite, dedicated document review facilities that allow attorneys responsible for the merits of the case to regularly interact with the attorneys handling the document review. This direct interaction allows for a dynamic approach to document review that can change as quickly as the litigators become aware of new relevant facts, and limits the need for re-review as the factors of the case change. It also allows for heightened security protocols to protect client data.
  • Our data processing tools allow us to sort through GBs of data so that we can quickly identify the documents relevant to your matter and often avoid costly processing of irrelevant information.  
  • Our document review tools allow us to use advance analytic capabilities to minimize attorney review. We take advantage of the latest, defensible techniques including global de-duplication, email threading, near de-duplication, concept grouping, technology assisted review, and reporting tools for project management.


  • As part of our discovery process, we help clients reduce risks connected to discovery through the application of defensible, repeatable processes throughout the lifecycle of the matter that are designed to meet our clients’ unique circumstances.
  • This process includes dedicated discovery attorneys for each matter, use of early case assessment tools to focus the scope of the review, intensive front end training and repeated refresher training and Q&A throughout the process, regular monitoring for efficient project management and tailored production processes to meet the needs of the case.

Cost Savings

  • All too often discovery costs can make litigation impractical.  In fact, discovery costs are often more than half the costs incurred in a litigation. The Moore & Van Allen Discovery group is acutely focused on using our experience and the latest technology to make sure the discovery process is efficient so the focus can be on the outcome and not the process.
  • For example, in one case, using concept clustering in conjunction with domain, file type, and data filters, we quickly found important documents in a collection of over half a million documents. We have also, for instance, reduced review populations by half by using analytics such as, clustering, email threading, and propagation. 

Privacy & Data Security

  • We can help clients understand their obligations to protect data and we advise clients on how they can lawfully collect, use, and share personal information.
  • We routinely assist clients in cross border transfers of data by providing advice and counsel related to the EU Data Protection Directive and GDPR and defend against requests that infringe on data privacy restrictions.
  • Our Moore & Van Allen Discovery group includes Certified Information Privacy Professionals (CIPP/US).




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