Our Shared Core Values …

At Moore & Van Allen (MVA), we prioritize mutual investment in one another by a shared commitment to the six core values below. These core values guide our interactions with each other, are integral to our consistent delivery of high-quality service to our clients and show our collective pride in our work and MVA.

Our core values, in turn, shape the culture of our organization. MVA’s culture is the standard to which we purposefully hold ourselves and each other as we interact with our co-workers, clients, and communities. It is the many ways in which our words and actions demonstrate that everyone at MVA is a valuable part of the organization and the services we provide for our clients. Our culture reflects that delivering our best for our clients and our communities starts by supporting each other and intentionally cultivating and maintaining an atmosphere where everyone can thrive.

… And How We Live Them

Because we value one another, we treat our co-workers with RESPECT.
Because we value our clients and our work, we commit to a standard of EXCELLENCE.
Because we value different perspectives, we engage at work with INCLUSION in mind.
Because we value each person’s career, we invest in EMPOWERMENT for opportunity and growth.
Because we value awareness with action, we bring thoughtful LEADERSHIP to our organization, industry, and communities.
Because we value being a part of MVA, we work TOGETHER to act …. 

With appreciation, kindness, and civility toward each other.

Being thoughtful in our interactions.
Celebrating each other’s contributions and achievements.
Supporting each other, in work and life.

With integrity and honesty.

Holding ourselves and each other accountable.
Being candid, sincere, and trustworthy.
“Owning” mistakes and our part in any conflict and its resolution.

With recognition of the value of different perspectives.

Working to be a more diverse workplace.
Welcoming in and seeking to learn from others’ perspectives.
Participating in MVA community initiatives.

With humility and a growth mindset.

Embracing and learning from constructive feedback.
Thinking ahead instead of reacting from behind.
Seeking opportunities for growth and stretching outside of comfort zones.

With unwavering dedication to provide outstanding service to our clients.

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