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Business North Carolina

Charlotte Litigation Member Tony Lathrop, member and Finance Committee Chair of the North Carolina Board of Transportation, participated in Business North Carolina’s 2019 Transportation Round Table, a discussion titled, “Experts Examine Future of Transportation In NC”, which was published in Business North Carolina on April 1.

When asked, “What is the state of transportation?” Lathrop stated, “We’re coming to the crossroads, or a fork in the road, where we have these technological disruptors coming, and they’re affecting the way people are living, how they’re working, how they’re commuting. One of the challenges for us is to deal with those and make the most of those as we make all our strategic decisions about transportation. You’re talking about electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, drones, big-data technologies that affect transportation. We are better positioned than a lot of states because we’ve been fairly diligent about our infrastructure. But we’re at a point where we need to launch and take on these challenges so that we can not only maintain a position that we have but enhance it so that we can outcompete the rest of the world. We’re becoming more urban. The transportation infrastructure is the key to connecting that economic opportunity to all areas of the state, from the ports all the way into the mountains.”

Lathrop also provided commentary on, “What workforce issues face the transportation industry?” and “How does the transportation industry bridge the rural-urban divide?” To view the full article and commentary, click here.


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