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Moore & Van Allen’s Human Trafficking Pro Bono Project

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Moore & Van Allen’s Human Trafficking Pro Bono Project

Recognized as a leading law firm offering comprehensive legal services to human trafficking victims, Moore & Van Allen continues to meet the high demand to support victims of this horrific crime. Moore & Van Allen developed the MVA Human Trafficking Pro Bono Project in 2013. Today, the Project has assisted victims in over 200 matters.

Areas of service for the Project include victim-witness advocacy, expunction analysis, and other civil law matters including immigration, custody, public benefits and name change petitions. In addition to providing direct legal representation, Project leaders educate governmental, academic and community organizations about the work and ways to engage.

Client service successes include working with prosecutors and law enforcement to ensure that victim witness rights are protected at all stages of the criminal process; expunging criminal records that pose obstacles to employment, housing and education; and asserting parental rights.

The Project accepts referrals from community partners, federal and local law enforcement agencies, and national human trafficking legal aid organizations. All clients must be supported by a referring agency to be eligible for Project services.

Moore & Van Allen’s Financial Regulatory Advice and Response Team guides organizations through program development to ensure both regulatory compliance and social responsibility. 

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“Trafficking survivors need someone to listen to their stories and to not judge them because of their pasts. My life has been better, because I allow it to collide with theirs and I get to know our clients as regular people, which is exactly what they are.”

— Sally Hentz, Human Trafficking Pro Bono Project Leader

"Human Trafficking Pro Bono Project Leader “We set out to provide comprehensive legal services to victims of both sex- and labor-trafficking, helping wherever we can. A holistic approach to our clients’ needs best supports their path to justice and healing.”

- Sarah Byrne, Human Trafficking Pro Bono Project Leader

“Until joining the project, I was unaware of the horrifying prevalence of human trafficking in the US -- and specifically in the Charlotte area. Though the need for victim legal services is vast and cannot be met by any one law firm, I am proud that our attorneys have been so willing to assist wherever possible and have made such a difference in the lives of our pro bono clients through this project.”

- Chris Thompson, Human Trafficking Pro Bono Project Leader

“MVA proved a community that values the importance of the individual . . . we found in you great friends.”

- Project Client

“You will never truly know what you have done for me. You have helped in my freedom. You stepped up when everyone stepped down.”

- Project Client