Sizemore's Third "Counsel Commentary" Publishes


Employment & Labor Member Russ Sizemore's third and final "Counsel Commentary" column was published by InsideCounsel on October 7.  The column, “The incredible value of stand-alone confidentiality agreements,” offers observations and specifics of stand-alone confidentiality agreements, particularly as they compare to confidentiality or non-disclosure “policy.”

“A brief stand-alone confidentiality agreement focused on protecting the most basic and universal areas of confidential and proprietary information—typically customer and vendor information, product, pricing, marketing and strategic planning information, and “methods of doing business” information—is something every employer should consider as part of the on-boarding process for every employee who will have access to and use such information.”

Sizemore's second column, “Can you believe this? Look at what I found on his Facebook page!,” published on September 23 and discusses the need for employers “to be very intentional about how they use information obtained via social media, despite the inherent informality of that medium and the information commonly shared in that setting.”  Sizemore’s first column, “Your ‘Please keep this quiet' demand may itself raise a ruckus,” published on September 9. 




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