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Congressional Primary

A special Congressional primary was held June 7th due to federal court action declaring two of North Carolina's congressional districts to be illegally gerrymandered.  The ruling came too late to have state lawmakers re-draw new boundaries for the March primary voting date, so the congressional elections had to be pushed to June.

The redrawn lines resulted in some representatives no longer living in the districts they currently represent. Alma Adams (D) and George Holding (R) were both drawn out of their districts. Adams relocated to Charlotte to run in the realigned 12th District, and Holding ran in District 2, rather than the 13th District he has represented.

Only seven percent of voters turned out yesterday statewide, a low number for a presidential election year. The low turnout can be attributed to the unusual schedule requiring two primaries within months of each other. The following were closely watched contests:

District 2

Two incumbent representatives faced off in the 2nd District Republican primary election. Renee Ellmers (R) was ousted by fellow Congressman George Holding, the 13th District incumbent. She becomes the first incumbent congressional Republican to lose a primary this season. Holding no longer lives in the 13th District, as it was moved west to the Greensboro area. Although he lives in what is now the Democrat-heavy 4th District, he ran in the adjacent 2nd with a right-leaning constituency.

District 9

U.S. Rep. Robert Pittenger (R) gained only 34.96 percent of the vote, but he was able to narrowly hold off his opponent, Rev. Mark Harris (R) who had 34.42 percent - a difference of 142 votes. Due to the unusual election schedule, the congressional primary winners will not face runoffs, as is typically the case when a candidate fails to gain 40 percent of the vote. Harris has indicated he plans to call for a recount.

District 12

U.S. Rep. Alma Adams easily won the Democratic primary election, despite having been drawn out of her incumbent 12th District and facing questions regarding her relocation from Greensboro to Charlotte. Adams announced after the 12th District was condensed to Mecklenburg County that she would move to Charlotte to pursue her re-election. Election laws do not require representatives in the U.S. House to live in the district which they represent.

N.C. Supreme Court

A state court ruling last year preventing legislative efforts to create "retention elections" also required a judicial primary election yesterday. The State Supreme Court Justices race is non-partisan and the primary is intended to narrow the field of candidates, but party affiliation will play a role this cycle. Incumbent and top vote-getter Bob Edmunds is a Republican. He will face a Democrat, Mike Morgan, in November. Due to age requirements, Edmunds, 67, would have to retire before the end of the eight year term if he is re-elected.


Below is a list of primary election winners that will face off in the general election.

Click headers for race outcomes and detailed election data.


District 1

DEM - G.K. Butterfield (i)*

REP - Powell Dew, Jr.*

District 2

DEM - John McNeil

REP - George Holding (incumbent of District 13)

District 3

DEM - Ernest Reeves

REP - Walter Jones (i)

District 4

DEM - David Price (i)*

REP - Sue Googe

District 5

DEM - Josh Brannon

REP - Virginia Foxx (i)

District 6

DEM - Pete Glidwell*

REP - Mark Walker

District 7

DEM - Wesley Casteen*  

REP - David Rouzer (i)*

District 8

DEM - Thomas Mills*

REP - Richard Hudson (i)

District 9

DEM - Christian Cano*

REP - Robert Pittenger (i)

District 10

DEM - Andy Millard*

REP - Patrick McHenry (i)

District 11

DEM - Rick Bryson

REP - Mark Meadows (i)*

District 12

DEM - Alma Adams (i)

REP - Leon Threatt

District 13

DEM - Bruce Davis

REP - Ted Budd


NC Supreme Court Associate Justice (Non-partisan)

Robert (Bob) Edmunds

Michael (Mike) Morgan

NC Superior Court Judge District 10C [Wake County] (Non-partisan)

Rebecca (Becky) Holt

Michael Denning

(i) indicates incumbent

*indicates no primary opponent


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