Knowledge Management Improves Business Flow


Our most valuable resource is the legal knowledge that underpins the service we deliver. All lawyers are expected to bring their expertise to the table, but the demands of a modern legal department require more. Clients are challenging lawyers to be more innovative, more creative, more
economical, and more proactive than ever before.

RBC General Counsel Group approaches knowledge management through six main services:

  1. Document and matter management
  2. Precedent management
  3. Legal research
  4. Professional development
  5. Current awareness
  6. Global connectivity

The degree to which each service applies to individuals and teams will vary, but the right mix can increase productivity across the board. Whether just starting out, or a veteran in the legal trenches, the tools and processes of knowledge management drive effective performance. Seeking guidance from well-designed information sources leads to insights that can often be applied immediately to the problem at hand or at least stored for use in future. Help can come in many forms and often combines elements of people, process, and technology — the foundations of knowledge management.

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