Each year at Moore & Van Allen we create an annual diversity report that best reflects not only our work and impact within our workplace, but within the greater community at large. Since 2020 we have commissioned local artists to help us capture visually the challenges we face in creating a diverse and inclusive culture and our aspirations for the future of our workplace and communities. At Moore & Van Allen, we are striving to cultivate a “vibrant canvas”- a workplace community in which our diverse tapestry of cultures and experiences is both appreciated and celebrated.

Each unique art piece is proudly displayed within our Charlotte and Charleston offices.

2023 Diversity Report

Charlotte artist Katrina Sánchez created “Raíces Valoradas, Ramas Empoderadas (Valued Roots, Empowered Branches),” combining knit and woven textile structures to create the communal tapestry of Moore & Van Allen.


2022 Diversity Report

Charleston artist Sonja Griffin Evans created "Sewin" as a reflection of how connection to community is an essential part of the fabric of Moore & Van Allen.

2021 Diversity Report

Charlotte artist Stacy Utley captured visually our collective experience in “Brighter Horizon.”

2020 Diversity Report

Charlotte artist Rosalia Torres-Weiner created “A Broader Canvas,” a vivid, intricate, and thought-provoking work for us.

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