North Carolina Legislative Report - July 17, 2015

July 17, 2015

The General Assembly convened for the 2015 legislative session on January 14. Lawmakers returned to Raleigh on January 28 to begin the session in earnest. The MVA Public Affairs Legislative Report on North Carolina will be distributed on a weekly basis to keep you up to date on the latest legislative issues facing the state.

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On The Floor

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House Appropriations Subcommittees

The subcommittees on Transportation and Agriculture and Natural and Economic Resources held meetings on  Monday and Tuesday.  The Transportation Subcommittee reviewed differences in transportation spending between the House and Senate proposals and heard remarks from DOT and DMV on the budget.  The Agriculture and Natural and Economic Resources Subcommittee heard from the Departments of Labor, Agriculture and Wildlife Resources on the House and Senate budget proposals.

House Finance Committee

The Committee met on Thursday, July 16, and approved four bills.  H 169, Limit Motor Vehicle Emissions Inspections, would eliminate 28 counties from the list of counties with required motor vehicle emissions inspections.  Currently 48 counties are subject to this requirement.  H 531, Wayne County Occupancy Tax, would authorize Wayne County to levy a one percent (1%) room occupancy tax, the proceeds of which would be remitted to a county Tourism Development Authority. One hundred percent (100%) of the proceeds would be used for tourism promotion.  H 912, Taxation of Tribal Land and Tobacco Products, would a) exempt from property tax real and personal property located on lands held in trust by the United States for the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, regardless of ownership, and b) allow the Department of Revenue to enter into an agreement with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians regarding the excise tax on tobacco products.  S 50, Wilson County Occupancy Tax Modification, would authorize Wilson County to levy an additional three percent (3%) room occupancy and tourism development tax.

Senate Commerce Committee

The Committee met on Tuesday, July 14, and Thursday, July 16.  On Tuesday the Committee approved two bills. H 254, Protect National Guard Reemployment Rights, would expand reemployment protections granted to members of the North Carolina National Guard to include members of the National Guards of other states. H 289, NC Money Transmitters Act – AB, would modernize the Money Transmitters Act (MTA) as requested by the Office of the North Carolina Commissioner of Banks. Among the main provisions of H 289 are provisions that the act applies to virtual currencies, like Bitcoin. 

On Thursday, the Committee approved H 126, Mortgage Origination Support Registration.  That bill would amend the Secure and Fair Enforcement Mortgage Licensing Act to authorize the Commissioner of Banks to implement a registration system for persons engaged exclusively in the processing or underwriting of mortgage loans and not engaged in the mortgage business.

Senate Agriculture Committee

The Committee met Wednesday, July 15, and approved the only bill on the agenda. H 186, Cape Fear Water Resources Availability Study, would provide for the study of aggregate uses of ground water and surface water in or affecting the Cape Fear River Basin by all users.

Senate Education Committee

The Committee met Wednesday, July 15, and approved both bills on the agenda. H 390, Beaufort Co. CC/Washington Co., places Beaufort County as the only community college provider in Washington County. Currently, Beaufort and Martin counties share the responsibility of services in Washington County. H 561, School System Auth. Re: Legal Proceedings, detailed statutes as to the legal authority of school boards in regards to legal investigations, subpoenas, and confidential information that is not currently covered by the law. The bill only affects the powers of the school board.

Charlotte Election Filings

Filing closed today for Charlotte’s elected offices. Primaries for city elections are September 15, and the general election is November 3.


Democrats: Michael D. Barnes, Daniel (Dan) Clodfelter, Roderick Davis, David L. Howard, DeJawon Joseph, Jennifer Roberts

Republicans: Edwin B. Peacock III, Scott Stone

City Council At-Large

Democrats: Laurence E. Bibbs, Darrell Bonapart, Bruce Clark, Julie Eiselt, Claire Green Fallon, Sean Gautam, Shawn Greeson, Mo Idlibby, Vi Lyles, Billy D. Maddalon, James (Smuggie) Mitchell, Aaron Sanders

Republicans: Pablo Carvajal, John K. Powell Jr., David Michael Rice

Charlotte City Council District 1

Democrats: Patsy Kinsey

Charlotte City Council District 2

Democrats: Al Austin, Steven Jones

Republicans: Justin Dunn

 Charlotte City Council District 3

Democrats: Rosa Hodge-Mustafa, LaWana Mayfield, Warren F. Turner

Republicans: Eric Wayne Netter

Charlotte City Council District 4

Democrats: Greg Phipps

Republicans: Michael P. O’Hara

Charlotte City Council District 5

Democrats: John Autry, Scott Derek Jenkins

Charlotte City Council District 6

Republicans: Kenny Smith

Charlotte City Council District 7

Democrats: Chris Turner

Republicans: Ed Driggs

Too read more about school board and surrounding municipal filings, see The Charlotte Observer’s full report here.

In The News

Raleigh News and Observer: McCrory meets with GOP caucuses to talk budget, push bond proposal

Raleigh News and Observer: NC House appoints 82 budget negotiators

Asheville Citizen-Times/Associated Press: Advocates call for Medicaid expansion

Release: Tillis Announces New North Carolina Offices  

Raleigh News and Observer: Bill to end protest petitions heads to McCrory’s desk

Wall Street Journal: Employees vs. Independent Contractors: U.S. Weighs In on Debate Over How to Classify Workers


Mon, July 20, 2015

1:30 PM

Session Convenes (Senate)


4:00 PM

Redistricting -- CORRECTED (Senate)

Paper Ballots by 2020/Certain Counties. (H373)

 643 LOB

7:00 PM

Session Convenes (House)


Tue, July 21, 2015

8:30 AM

Appropriations, Transportation (House)

 1228/1327 LB

10:00 AM

Environment (Public Hearing) (House)

Regulatory Reform Act of 2015. (H765)

 643 LOB


Rep. Charles Graham - Press Conference

 Press Room LB

11:00 AM

Health Care (Senate)

Amend School Health Assessment Requirement. (H13)
Reegan's Rule/Childhood Diabetes Education. (H20)
Clarify Reasonable Health Insur./Child Supp. (H308)
Amend Composition of NC Medical Board. (H724)
Third-Party Premium Payments. (H809)

 544 LOB

12:00 PM

State and Local Government -- CORRECTED (Senate)

Repeal DCR's Obsolete Comms & Language.-AB (H185)
Roanoke Island Fire District Changes. (H389)
Clarify Water and Sewer Authority Powers. (H538)
Brunswick Cty/Navigable Waters. (H478)
Subdivision Ordinance/Land Develop. Changes. (H721)

423 LOB

12:00 PM

Transportation (House)

License Plate/Retired Register of Deeds. (S313)
E-Signatures/Vehicle Title and Registration. (S370)

 643 LOB

1:00 PM

Judiciary II -- CORRECTED (House)

Employee Misclassification Reform. (SUBCOMMITTEE MEETING ONLY) (H482)

421 LOB

1:00 PM

Finance (Senate)

Exempt Builders' Inventory. (H168)
Modify Religious Property Exemption. (H229)
Hope Mills/Spring Lake/Satellite Annexations. (H386)
City of Dunn Annexation. (H412)
Achieving a Better Life Experience Act. (H556)
UNC Self-Liquidating Projects. (H679)
Joint Agency & Waste Authority/Tax Exemption. (S399)
Regulate Transportation Network Companies. (S541)
Various Changes to the Revenue Laws. (S605)

 544 LOB

Wed, July 22, 2015

10:00 AM

Agriculture/Environment/Natural Resources (Senate)

Ordinances Regulating Animals. (H553)

 544 LOB

Mon, July 27, 2015

3:00 PM

Joint Legislative Program Evaluation Oversight Committee

 544 LOB

Thu, August 06, 2015

12:00 PM

Rep. Rodney Moore - Press Conference - 50th Anniversary of Voting Rights Acts.

 Press Room LB


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