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Intellectual Property Litigation

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The current business climate often leads to disputes centered around technology and Intellectual Property rights.  Moore & Van Allen’s IP litigation team fights to enforce our clients’ rights and to protect our clients against unwarranted accusations of infringement.

Our IP litigators have litigated matters all over the United States in technologies as diverse as semi-conductor manufacturing, food processing, telecommunications, internet applications, computer software, business methods and consumer products.  We have experience not only in various federal and state trial courts, but also with the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, the International Trade Commission, the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, the Copyright Office Board of Review, the National Arbitration Forum and the Patent Office Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences. 

While trials are often necessary, our litigators have also had success in resolving disputes to save the client the cost and disruption of proceeding to trial.  As part of creatively searching for a resolution to our clients' IP disputes, we thoroughly investigate the possibility of insurance, indemnification and other risk spreading alternatives that are appropriate from a business perspective.



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  • November 2014, World Intellectual Property Rights and Remedies

    Several of MVA's IP attorneys assisted in authoring and updating a chapter published within Thomson Reuters Westlaw's World Intellectual Property Rights and Remedies.

  • July 2011, Intellectual Property Client Update

    ICANN's approval of the gTLD expansion could change the domain game as we know it. How might it impact your business?